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Spring Private Preschool

The first few years of life certainly fly by! Most parents can’t believe when it’s time for their child to attend a Spring private preschool.

If you have a child who is starting preschool, Kids R Kids of Legends Ranch is prepared to take the journey with you!

Our private pre K in Spring TX has a unique curriculum that prepares 3-and-4-year-olds for the challenges ahead. The mission of our preschool program is to support each child individually while teaching them the fundamental building blocks of learning.


Our Curriculum

As a student of our Spring private preschool, your child will follow our curriculum that includes weekly, theme-based units. Our teachers introduce new words each week to increase vocabulary. Group exercises and individual skills practice is balanced, giving students the opportunity to work on both their social and individual qualities.


Of course, what fun would preschool be if it were all structured?

Young children need to have time to simply play, something we call free play. Here is where they learn how to share, take turns and build relationships, all great skills to work on before starting private kindergarten in Spring TX.


A Day in the Life

Here is a closer look at our preschool curriculum and what you can expect from our private schools in Spring TX.

  • Child-directed learning
  • Small group activities
  • Literacy and writing
  • Activities and music
  • Outdoor activities
  • Daily enrichment activities
  • Decision-making skills
  • Hands-on learning stations


“Hug First, Then Teach” Philosophy

Our private pre K in Spring TX follows the “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy. What this means is that preschoolers receive encouragement and praise as they work through their experiences. We are confident that preschoolers will learn to share, respect their peers and elders and problem solve when they are comfortable and secure in their environment.

Our Spring private preschool loves having a positive impact on children’s lives. We hope to be a part of your child’s journey and successfully prepare them for kindergarten and beyond!

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