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How to minimize television time during the school holidays in Spring, Texas

Posted on 06-11-2014


Is TV really as bad for kids as people say? How much is too much? And how do you minimize the time spent in front of the television, especially during school holidays?

Why is TV bad for kids?

One of the reasons parents worry about what kids are watching on television is the content. Not surprising, an estimated 61% of American programming contains violence, and the average child spends more than six hours daily watching television. This combination of factors has been linked to aggressive behavior and sleep disturbances in children.

How much is too much?

The general guidelines for television watching are different for each childhood age group, with babies younger than two years having a maximum of 30 minutes daily, while other childhood experts say that no television at all is best. For toddlers there should be a maximum of two hours of television watching per day.

How to minimize television time:

Having a child passively watch television for extended time has been known to hinder brain development. A child's first five years are an essential time when cognitive growth is rapid and can be impacted by problematic influences such as television over-exposure. Choose one or two educational, child-friendly programs and allow your child to watch only those shows. Find other activities to substitute for television. A few ideas for continuing to learn during school holidays, but also having fun include:

  • Creative activities such as painting and drawing
  • Learning about wildlife by visiting the zoo
  • Building a pillow fort
  • Exploring the backyard or a local park with others
  • Joining a sports team
  • Enrolling in summer camp

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